John Lockwood

Close the camps. They're wrong. You know they're wrong. Tell everyone.

Organizing Democrats in My Precinct

Today I went back to work on my 100 Days of Action to free immigrants being held in concentration camps in violation of international law, Border Patrol policy, and human decency. I have begun taking my first tentative steps to organizing folks in unglamorous, old fashioned, retail electoral politics. That means two things, in my opinion – organizing at the precinct level and registering more Democratic voters at the precinct level and beyond. On a level playing field – which is not what we’re playing on – more votes equals a win.

But on this uneven landscape of gerrymandered districts, Russian interference, and Republican voter suppression, we need to organize so effectively and consistently that we can marshal a massive electoral victory in every state.

So with this in mind, today I spent some time reaching out to a list of active Democratic voters in Democratic Precinct 126. We’re holding our Precinct 126 Organizing Meeting On August 20th. See you there!

Mecklenburg County Voting Precinct 126