John Lockwood

Not a writer, but playing one on the internet

The Black Hole of Politics

I really shouldn’t be active in politics, because I’ve never quite been able to make it fit. When I write, I can count the folks who respond on one hand, because the Internet is no longer made of essays, it’s made of tweets. So I’m not much of a movement maker.

Meantime the Democratic Party seems to have two plans for me now that I’ve tried to volunteer:

1) I can bother people at home by phone banking. Thank you, but no, I was in sales once. I tried cold-calling then and I hated it. People have phones so they can call others, not so you can bother them.

2) Incessant pitches to donate. I’m already a weekly donor, so you don’t need to ask several times a day for money. Don’t tell me it’s from Barack Obama and say “I hope you heard me”. Yeah, dude, I heard you, nice speech. I also heard from the Biden campaign five times on Saturday alone asking for money. That was in addition to twice on Friday, and three times on Thursday. So just now I hit the unsubscribe button.

As far as I can tell, the state of politics in 2020 seems to be a choice between being afraid for my country and being afraid of my inbox.