John Lockwood

Unboxing a Mind

What Do You Do With The Walmart Cashier?

A Walmart cashier lost his job. Or Safeway, or Raley’s, or pick your store, your supermarket. Once you had a bar-code reader, you could always make your customers do the mechanical act of scanning. Tack on a credit card reader and some software I could have written twenty years ago, and your Walmart cashier loses her job, or pick your store, your supermarket.

You noticed, more or less, but what was there to say?

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Bad Vegans, Good Vegetarians

Back when I was eating more vegetarian meals but still backsliding into the more than occasional hamburger, I tried to do the right thing by admitting I was a bad vegetarian. In retrospect I was no such thing. I was not a vegetarian at all. What I really was was an omnivore who was experimenting with portions.

Now that I’m a bad vegan (more on this below), I’ve been wondering why vegans have to call themselves vegans, since it seems to me that what we are is really vegetarians.

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