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Close the camps. They're wrong. You know they're wrong. Tell everyone.

Day 9 of 100 Days of Action - Joining the Poor People's Campaign

Today I took what I hope will be both an important step and a fruitful one, even though it was simply as making a decision to fill out a form online. Today I joined the Poor People’s Campaign, based on Dr. William Barber’s call for a third reconstruction and a moral movement joining people of faith (like Dr. Barber) and people of no faith (like me).

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What to Do Next

Today I’m calling it Day 8 of 100 days of action. To be honest I’m feeling a bit lacking in clear direction, so I’m just putting one foot in front of the other and trying to write a few words so as not to get hopelessly behind in that effort. In the last few days I’ve been making friends on Facebook – mostly from the list of folks who liked the Charlotte Poor People’s Campaign and learning about that and Repairers of the Breach.

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100 Days of Action is Now a Facebook Group Too!

Today’s day SIX of 100 Days of Action to end childhood concentration camps on the Southern US Border. Today I made the decision definitely not to try to compete with the Lights For Liberty Event in Charlotte – well, sort of in Charlotte and have clarified that the one that was going to be really in Charlotte is now cancelled. So I had to write clarifying my position to one of the advocates of the Charlotte event that’s not in Charlotte.

I also spent some time talking to a Pastor who wanted to hold the vigil during the day (which is when I’d be working), or had a little time at night, but I wanted an event like last year’s that was a bit more ecumenical. Basically I came in late then ran out of time.

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Charlotte Vigil - Lights for Liberty

On day 4 of my #100DaysOfAction to end childhood detention on our Southern border, I created an event, which has since been cancelled due to a crazy person.

Why I Thought You Should Have Come

Here’s what’s going on in Migrant detention camps, according to a Doctor who visited:

Sevier, a private-practice physician in the Rio Grande Valley, was granted access to a facility in McAllen, Texas, after attorneys discovered a flu outbreak that sent five infants to a neonatal intensive-care unit. At the detention center — the largest such Border Patrol facility in the country — Sevier examined 39 children under the age of 18 facing conditions including “extreme cold temperatures, lights on 24 hours a day, no adequate access to medical care, basic sanitation, water, or adequate food.” All 39 exhibited signs of trauma.

Source: Inhumane Conditions at Migrant Detention Camps

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Sucking at Activism is my Activist Superpower

As I write this post for Day 3 of my #100DaysOfAction to call for an immediate end to the crime against humanity of caging innocent children escaping poverty and violence, I feel once again how inadequate I am to this task. But as I think about the process I went through as I took action, I realize that sucking at this is in fact my superpower.

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