John Lockwood

Close the camps. They're wrong. You know they're wrong. Tell everyone.

100 Days of Action to End Childhood Immigrant Detention (Day 1)

Today I pledge to take action for 100 days (#100DaysOfAction) to end the appalling conditions of putting children in concentration camps at our southern border. The idea is to spend at least one hour per day taking action to make this end. For my first day, I’ve been calling my congressional representatives, a task that’s made very simple using the 5 Calls App. To learn more, read on!

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How White People Went Crazy and Trump Got Elected

To understand how white people went crazy and Trump got elected, let’s start with an outline of the history of immigration in the US. Hang in there – this won’t take long. Sometime between 40,000 and 15,000 years ago, according to one theory, the first humans arrived here from Asia, walking across a land bridge over what is now the Bering Strait.

Next – give or take an odd Viking or two – things were pretty quiet for thousands of years.

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Writing Before Being Dead Limits My Ability to Do So

A chronic feeling as I hurtle toward retirement and death is that I have accomplished nothing. So I thought I’d blog about it, in the spirit of what we did in the 2000-naughts. I remember that time as being after we put up our underachieving web sites by hand but before we boasted of our non-accomplishments on social media.

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Giving Up Social Media - One Month Later

As I write this it’s February 4th. On New Year’s Eve, or roughly 35 days ago, I announced my decision to give up social media. A couple of days later, I refined that to be a three week test, lest my mind react would react as it often does to a perceived deprivation by doing the opposite of what we’re trying to will it to do. Today I’m here to give a retrospective report on the experiment, which had great results overall.

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Vegan Diet and Cholesterol

This week I got the news of my blood test results from my doctor. I was very pleased to see that my cholesterol numbers had improved dramatically, since this was one of my main reasons to adopt a plant based diet. (In fact my doctor had once mentioned that a plant based diet was the best way to bring the numbers down).

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